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A Guide to the Smarti Mobility Scooter

If you’re currently browsing through our range of mobility scooters and are trying to find one which is lightweight, easy to transport and simple to use, look no further than the Smarti.

Here, we will introduce you to some of the main benefits you will enjoy after purchasing this popular and versatile scooter – there are many to discuss, so let’s get started! Continue reading

How to Avoid High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Here at Monarch Mobility, our customers know that they will never be pressured into buying any products that are not suitable for their needs, whether it’s a rise and recline chair or one of our new or mobility scooters. However, the sad truth is that there are still companies out there – many of them operating in industries which specialise in marketing items towards older people – that will not think twice about employing unfair, or even illegal, tactics in order to meet their sales targets.

Below, we will provide you with some tips on how to avoid the always unwelcome practice of salespeople applying excessive pressure, whether in person or over the phone. Continue reading

Disability and Public Access: What Are the Rules?

If you have limited movement, you will know there is much more to a stress-free day out than simply finding your ideal mobility scooter for sale and taking it out to your favourite places. As anyone who has experienced trying to navigate public buildings will appreciate, getting out and about in comfort and with convenience is often easier said than done. Continue reading

5 Amazing Disability Charities

As anyone with a disability will know, there is no end to the number of challenges facing people who are living with long-term physical and/or mental conditions. Fortunately, however, we now live in an age when there is more help available for the UK’s disabled population than ever before, with a huge array of charities providing guidance and practical support to all those who need it. Continue reading

8 Facts About Disability in the UK

If you are currently trawling the web to find a high-quality yet affordable mobility scooter for sale, you or a family member is likely to have limited mobility. You will also know that, with the UK population ageing at a rapid rate, there are millions of other people living with similar conditions to your own.

Despite this, it can often be all too easy to dwell on our own circumstances and lose sight of the national situation. For this reason, we are going to share eight facts with you about disability in the UK, all of which should help to demonstrate that you are not alone in whatever challenges you face, however it may sometimes feel. Continue reading

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Mobility Problems

As we get older, all sorts of tasks and daily routines that we used to take for granted can start to become unexpectedly difficult. Whilst most people with limited mobility can confidently adjust to their decreasing dexterity, developing trouble sleeping is undoubtedly one of the most distressing and exhausting issues any of us can go through.

If you are desperate to get back to enjoying a decent amount of sleep every night, read on: we have put together a few snooze-inducing tips below which you may not have thought of before. Continue reading

A Guide to Adaptive Clothing

If you have recently had to adjust to a deterioration in your ability to move around freely, whether this is due to the onset of medical conditions such as arthritis or simply advancing years, you may find that some basic household tasks you used do in seconds are now harder to accomplish. In many cases, even dressing can become difficult – and, when this happens, the inconvenience and sheer frustration it causes is often debilitating. Continue reading

Disability in the Workplace: All You Need to Know

Although we now live in a time when people with all manner of disabilities enjoy greater equality than ever before, most would agree that there is still a long way to go until every person with physical and mental difficulties is on a level playing field when it comes to having access to good jobs and getting the chance to truly excel in the workplace. Continue reading

How to Create an Accessible Kitchen

Despite an ever-increasing proportion of the UK population relying on the use of wheelchairs and disability scooters to get from place to place, the number of households which have been properly adapted to cater for the needs of people with reduced mobility remains very low.

If you live somewhere that is not currently disability-friendly but are also in the fortunate position of having the resources necessary to completely redesign your living space, it is vital that you do so in a way that will be easy and, most importantly, safe to navigate. The kitchen is one of the most well-used rooms in any home, but it is also one of the most potentially hazardous; read on for some tips on how to ensure your new food preparation area is truly accessible. Continue reading

What Are the Best Sports for Wheelchair Users?

Getting involved in sport is one of the most exciting and rewarding things it is possible to do with your leisure time and, if you have recently become a wheelchair user, you may be surprised by just how many competitive activities you will be able to take part in.

Below, we will talk about five of the most popular and accessible wheelchair-friendly sports out there. Rest assured that you will find mastering any specialist equipment you’ll need to purchase just as simple as using one of our portable disability scooters, so the only thing that could hold you back is yourself! Continue reading

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