Many of us will know only too well the struggles of arranging a trip away. As the summer holidays approach, we’ll be thinking about destinations with suitable terrain for our folding mobility scooter, booking flights that cater to our needs, insuring our scooter before we travel and, of course, finding accessible accommodation.

Fortunately, the days of disappointing hotels and unequipped villas could soon be a thing of the past! A new start-up project wants to make finding comfortable places to stay easier for disabled people.

Dan Humphrey was inspired to create TripAble by his own experience of holidaying with his paraplegic father. He explains: “My father had a spinal cord injury in 2005, leaving him permanently paralysed. Over the years my mother and I have tried to go on holiday with my dad, as well as take him to places in the UK that require an overnight stay.

“For these trips and overnight stays, we always struggle to find an appropriate hotel that meets his needs, with many hotels suggesting they do but in reality have missed the mark. This has caused a number of issues for us and a lot of frustration for my dad, something I am sure many of us have experienced.”

Hoping to find a solution for his family and others in a similar situation, Dan has built a website which allows users to search for accessible accommodation based on their personal needs when staying away from home. Hotels and the like are rated for accessibility in six key areas – access, usability, and fire exits, and toilet, washing and general facilities.

TripAble will also encourage people in the disabled community to leave reviews and rate any accessible accommodation they visit, allowing others to plan future trips and book with confidence.

The website is due to launch officially at the end of June, but you can check out its development at while the team continue to add hotels and fix any bugs in the booking system.

Dan says: “Currently there is no main information source, no website/app that allows hotel users to rate or grade a hotel on its accessibility. So this is what I set out to create in”

TripAble has also been entered into the Virgin Media Business competition for a chance to win support from business mogul Richard Branson and a share of £1 million in prizes. You can find out more about the project or vote for TripAble here.

If you’re already dreaming of your next trip to sunny climes of Spain, why not ease your trip and make getting around a doddle by taking a mobility scooter with you?  You’ll be able to explore the sights straight away!

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