An interactive phone app has been launched in Cardiff to help mobility scooter users identify accessible amenities across Britain.

The informative app called See Around Britain includes more than 500,000 photographs of facilities available to disabled people and mobility scooter users. It also shows access information, disabled parking at various points, the size of steps and the widths of entrances at sites of interest around the country.

The handy tool will allow people with restricted access to popular facilities to plan their journey beforehand, reducing the risk of disappointment when reaching the intended location.

Marg McNeil, creator of See Around Britain, has spent 40 years taking photographs of popular sites for tourists and the general public to broaden the app’s usability.

Mr McNeil told the BBC: “There are well over half a million photographs that I’ve taken, all of which need to be catalogued on to the website and web app, but I’m also inviting individuals or access groups to send photographs of any other venues they think should be on there.”

With the help of the public and the three trustees involved in the production and development of See Around Britain, they are now working on a version targeting European countries for those looking to find accessible holidays abroad.

This will most certainly benefit the app’s potential for a bigger audience, as McNeil added: “Equally, we want to build an interactive relationship with all the venue-owners asking them to send the measurements and photographs of their particular venue.”

A spokeswoman for Disability Wales commented: “Access to the built environment can be problematic for many disabled people living with a range of different impairments.

“Many lack confidence in getting out and about because of the uncertainty of access.

“See Around Britain is a welcomed initiative that will benefit many disabled people.”

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