Monarch Mobility have a longstanding partnership with Motability, offering worry-free financial packages on Motability scooters, which cover a wide range of Monarch Mobility scooter products.

Being one of only a few companies to provide the Motability Scheme in the UK alongside a wide range of trusted products, you will be in safe hands when considering using your mobility allowance with us.

Why not take a look at just some of the reasons as to how and why the Motability Scheme can benefit you and give you the freedom you deserve through a trusted mobility scooter provider?


Financing your freedom

There is nothing better than being able to get out and about on your mobility scooter without being constrained to unrealistic payment options. Financing your mobility scooter on the Motability scheme allows you to breathe of a breath of fresh air when it comes to paying for your chosen product.

Whether you are entitled to the Higher Rate Motability Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Motability Scheme you can be rest assured that financing your mobility scooter as well as your freedom is as easy as finding the right scooter for you.


Peace of mind

There is nothing worse when something breaks down, especially when you are trying to get from A to B. Fortunately for those who invest in the Motability scheme, can be rest assured that any breakdowns or broken parts of your mobility scooter will be fixed with the 24 hour breakdown recovery service that is included in your payment. Not only this, but you will be entitled to many more benefits when it comes to servicing your mobility scooter for extra peace of mind.

If you would like further information or even a free home demonstration so you can test some of the great products that are on the Motability scheme, give Monarch Mobility a call today. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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