When out and about on your mobility scooter, you will want complete freedom to experience the things you love in life and that’s why it is important to have knowledge of which forms of public transport you can use with your mobility scooter. We have created a simple guide below so you can explore and enjoy travelling with your scooter even more.


One of the most popular forms of transport if you are looking to make a short journey in your local area is the bus.

Many bus companies such as Transport for London (TfL) have permit schemes, as well as companies that are part of the Confederation for Passenger Transport (CPT) scheme. This allows you to travel with a credit card-sized permit confirming your ability to use your scooter or powered wheelchair on the vehicle. Rica have created a resource of the bus companies who are part of the CPT scheme.

However, there are certain criteria you have to meet before travelling on a bus, so check before you travel:

  • Your scooter needs to travel up to 4mph and be suitable for pavement use only (normally a Class 2 product)
  • Dimensions of the mobility scooter must be a maximum of 60cm wide and 100cm long
  • The turning radius must be no more than 1200mm
  • The weight of the individual sitting in the scooter plus the scooter itself cannot exceed the weight stated on the boarding ramp, which is normally 300kg


If you travel on trains regularly, when choosing from the range of mobility products, the most suitable would be a fold-up mobility scooter for guaranteed easy travel. You can arrange for free passenger assist, booked through National Rail Enquiries, which is a helpful service for guidance on and off the train.

Allowance of full-sized mobility scooters on trains varies between operators so always check with the company you are travelling with for details of their mobility scooter policy before boarding. Rica has produced a summary of each company’s policy on their website for more information.


Taxis for mobility scooter users have become more popular over the last few years, with cars being adapted to cater for individuals with mobility difficulties.

It is a good idea to search for a private hire company designed specifically for mobility scooter users in your area, or get in touch with your local taxi-licencing office who will be happy to supply you with information for local mobility scooter-friendly taxi companies.

For more information on travelling with your mobility scooter on public transport, visit the Rica website.

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