A mobility scooter user has received an apology from the worldwide fast food giant McDonald’s after being refused its drive-through service.

Nino Algieri from Colwyn Bay was disappointed to be rejected food from the Llandudno restaurant despite his mobility scooter being road-worthy and legal to drive on the roads, including dual carriageways.

A staff member at the fast food restaurant asked him to drive from the intercom machine to the first window, where the manager told him he was not eligible to pay for and collect food from the drive-through service.

Speaking to the North Wales Pioneer, Mr Algieri said: “I thought it was a joke when they told me I wasn’t in a proper vehicle I kept telling them it was road legal. I’ve been to the drive-through several times before and been served.

“I felt so disappointed because I know how much they do for the disabled normally and I don’t understand why it was an issue. The manager never came out to speak to me to explain and after a while, the person that was serving me walked away from the window.”

The 59-year-old has a Class 3 scooter, which is able to be legally used on the road with a maximum speed of 8mph. The amber flashing light included makes it usable on dual carriageways also.

A McDonald’s spokesperson commented: “Our drive-through lanes are custom built for motor cars, vans, trucks and mobility scooters designed for road use.

“Customers on mobility scooters that are not designed for road use are welcome to bring their mobility scooter into the restaurant to be served where possible. Unfortunately, on this occasion, staff did not recognise that the mobility scooter in question was designed for road use and therefore appropriate to travel through the drive-through.”

Mr Algieri added: “I’ve struggled taking this motorised scooter into the store before because it’s so big, so I always the use drive-through when I go.”

Image Credit: Tim Malone (Wikimedia Commons)

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