Mobility scooter riders took to the pavements of Plymouth as part of a campaign to promote mobility transport and to raise funds and awareness for a local charity.

The seven person strong mobility scooter parade set off from Access Plymouth’s base on the ground floor of the Mayflower East car park and made their way through to Drake Circus shopping mall.

The fleet of mobility scooter users were out in force to promote the work of the community transport charity and its services to the local community, as well as raising money for much-needed sponsorship. Individuals in Plymouth are able to hire mobility scooters on a short term basis to get in and around the many shops that the city offers.

Erica Travies, Access Plymouth’s fundraising officer, told the Plymouth Herald: “The ride promoted the charity and raised awareness of the needs of people who use mobility scooters.

“A lot of our clients use these shops. Our people spend a lot of money in town and some shops are completely off-limits because of poor accessibility. That’s something we’ll be looking at.”

Erica added: “Perhaps next year we’ll look at sending everyone out on scooters with a shopping survey to see where they’ve been, what access was like and any ideas for improvements so businesses realise how valuable we are.”

Bruce Abbott, one of the seven who took part in the parade, commented: “I thought it was a good idea. I think it drew people’s awareness to the fact that there is a service but also that there are people who need mobility scooters to get around the city.

“People need to be aware that we have the same rights as them to get around the city and to do our shopping and I think this ride helped draw people’s attention, as well as trying to get the sponsorship.”

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