There is nothing better than being in the outdoors in the crisp air during the winter months. To make sure your mobility scooter is up and running for the special time of year, we have created a guide on how to look after your companion in the winter months.

Putting a little bit of money and care into your mobility scooter will leave you with a product that will keep running long into the future. However, it is useful to remember that each scooter model is different and you should always read the manufacturer instructions, just in case you need to avoid any polishes or ways of cleaning your scooter.

Mobility scooter in the winter

Make it shine

Cleaning your mobility scooter after use is a guaranteed way of keeping it up and running. Remove any dirt or mud after use and dry it as much as possible afterwards to prevent rust. Cleaning your scooter, whether it be a fold up mobility scooter or an 8mph mobility scooter on a regular basis will also act as a preventative measure against grit and other hazardous material entering parts of the scooter.

Adding the extras

When you first purchase your mobility scooter, it really is worth purchasing the additional extras to keep your scooter running for as long as possible. For example, if you are offered a rain protector for your scooter as part of your purchase, this is possibly the most important of all. Not only will it keep you and your machine dry in poor weather, but it will also keep the electronics and fabrics in tip-top condition.

It is also recommended to store your mobility scooter in a dry place to make sure moisture doesn’t affect the electronics on the scooter. Somewhere like a garage, shed or even if you have space in your home would be ideal. If this cannot be achieved, then cover your mobility scooter as much as possible with waterproof material.

Keeping your charge

There is nothing worse than when your form of transport has a flat battery, and that goes for your mobility scooter, too. It is important to note that over time your battery will no longer hold its charge as it did the first time you purchased it and being aware of this is crucial for both your health and safety during the winter months. To prevent yourself from getting stuck in the cold with a flat battery, make sure you charge your scooter overnight and check with your manufacturer to see how frequently you will need to replace it fully. Detach them from the scooter when they are not in use and store them in a cool, dry place.

Looking after your wheels

The wheels on your mobility scooter are just as important as any other component on your vehicle. Just like you would buy suitable shoes for the winter to help you stay upright in icy conditions, your tyres need to be in suitable condition too. Good traction on the tyres is vital if you experience ice, damp or slippery surfaces on the pavements and roads around your local area.

Just like your scooter’s battery, even on the chunkiest mobility scooter tyres, wear and tear can eventually bring your scooter to a halt – something no one wants during the winter months. To prevent this from happening, make sure you complete regular checks on the tyres and keep them inflated to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Looking after yourself

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the importance of looking after yourself during the winter. The cold, wet, damp weather can affect people in different ways. Take the time to purchase warm and comfy clothing for when you’re taking trips out and about on your mobility scooter. As the evenings draw closer, why not purchase a visibility jacket to make yourself seen? Anything that makes you visible during the night is a good thing and can potentially save your or another individual’s life.

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