The Warrington Disability partnership is calling on businesses in the local area to sign up to the Accessible Warrington Pledge.

The charity has come up with the pledge to improve the overall accessibility of the town for the disabled and those who use mobility scooters in the area. The businesses who have been asked will work with the charity at the pre-design stage of refurbishment and new-build facilities, including dementia-friendly facilities and fully-accessible toilets where possible.

Accessibility for the disabled

The Warrington Disability Partnership produced the pledge on September 6th, 25 years to the day that it first featured in the local newspaper, the Warrington Guardian.

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian, Chief Executive and founder Dave Thompson said: “September 6 is a very significant date for Warrington Disability Partnership as it marks the day of our first ever article in the Warrington Guardian in 1991, which was about improving access and parking for disabled people in the town centre.

“We had a look as what we could do to commemorate the date and a big achievement of Warrington Disability Partnership has been our influence in changes to buildings.”

Having recently broken the Guinness World Record for the biggest tombola ever, the Warrington Disability Partnership certainly know how to make an impact in the town.

Dave continued: “We’ve worked on everything from corner shops right the way through to buildings like the Halliwell Jones Stadium, Hollins Park Hospital, Warrington Hospital and Warrington Borough Council premises.

“We’re very proud of all the things we’ve worked on and the relationships we’ve built along the way so there is nothing better to celebrate the last 25 years and build upon that.”

The Warrington Disability Partnership works with the local people to provide accessibility for the disabled accessible point of contact, delivering and developing mobility and independent living services.

Image Credit: Tdamalone (Wikimedia Commons)

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