Once you’ve picked your ideal mobility scooter through your free home demonstration, you’ll be sure to be excited about getting out and about on your new purchase! Taking expert care, service and warranty of your mobility scooter is included in the package, but what can you do to prevent wear and tear on your vehicle? Here are some tips on the types of terrain you will need to be aware of when exploring the outdoors.

All mobility scooters are professionally made and serviced at the highest standard and are fitted to make your riding experience enjoyable. All products are designed for ease and comfort on straight paths, but if you are keen to visit woodland trails and ‘off the beaten path’ locations, then you will want to look at purchasing or upgrading to a hard-wearing product such as an 8mph scooter.

When you’re purchasing your mobility scooter, ask yourself ‘what will I primarily be using it for?’ If you are requiring a product which you will be able to take around the shops and cafés, then a lightweight folding mobility scooter might be the right choice for you. Other questions to consider are:

  • Will they be short, everyday trips or long distance journeys such as walking your dogs?
  • Think about the location you live in, is it hilly or somewhere that is hard to reach due to inaccessible pavements?
  • Will you be using your mobility scooter during the day, night or both?

You can ask these questions when your professional sales advisor helps you to choose a scooter model during your home demonstration. However, don’t be put off by the multitude of factors to consider – we want you to love your mobility scooter just as much as we do! That’s why it’s important to acknowledge your wants and needs now and enjoy your experience later.

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