An event which was held earlier this year in Arbroath is set to return next summer after huge success.

The ‘wacky races’ event in July was a hit with many local mobility scooter users turning up for a day of fun-filled racing around a mock Monaco race track and after much praise from supporters and people who made the event so enjoyable, organisers have decided to hold it again next year.

The event, funded by the Arbroath COPD Group, welcomed people of all abilities, both novice and advanced drivers, to join in to raise awareness about ways to enjoy life with your mobility scooter.

Speaking to The Courier, organiser Donald Downie, said: “As it was the first of its kind we did not know what to expect and the whole event was a learning curve for the organisers.

We had a huge number of enquiries from the public along with many suggestions, which we will discuss and take on-board and use to improve the event next year.”

One of the many benefits of owning a mobility scooter is that it enables individuals to get out and about with friends and family, rather than feeling isolated in their own home. The organisers of the event are hoping for even more success next year, and for their event to help people to realise that it is OK to have fun on mobility scooters from time to time!

Donald continued: “Behind the fun were some serious lessons for people which outline their understanding and capability, or lack of it, in handling a mobility scooter.

“The races were designed to instil confidence in people and proved to be extremely effective in getting the messages across.”

Lastly, Mr Downie added: “We hope that people will realise that being disabled or elderly should not restrict their participation in the community, make them prisoners in their own homes, or make them feel a burden to their families.”

Image Credit: Phasmastisnox (Wikimedia Commons)

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