Tate St Ives exteriors

In 2017 some fantastic new attractions and exhibitions will be appearing throughout the UK. So far, announcements include the reopening of the iconic Tate St Ives in Cornwall and a stunning visitor centre at Pitlochry Dam. We’ve listed a few of the exciting new mobility scooter friendly attractions opening this year.

Accessible UK attractions

Tate St Ives, Cornwall

Tate St Ives reopened in March with two spectacular exhibitions focusing on the ceramics studio, the ocean and the landscape. ‘That Continuous Thing’ explores 100 years of the ceramics studio, “a place where tradition meets experimentation”, according to Tate St Ives. Artist Jessica Warboys uses film, performance and her specially commissioned ‘Sea Paintings’ to explore myth, symbolism and the landscape. Overlooking the sea at this Cornwall beauty-spot, Tate St Ives is accessible for mobility scooter users. The exhibition brings together around 80 pieces of work by more than 50 artists from Europe, Japan and North America.

Pink Floyd Exhibition, V&A Museum London

Pink Floyd fans will have the opportunity to take a journey through the band’s incredible history at the V&A Museum’s exhibition in May. Visitors can admire the extensive catalogue of album artwork, stage props and merchandise from Pink Floyd’s debut in the 1960s right through to the present day. The exhibition opens on 13 May and is accessible for mobility scooter users. If you’d like to explore the rest of the V&A Museum, all of the exhibitions have been designed with accessibility in mind.

Pitlochry Dam and Visitor Centre, Perthshire

A new visitor centre at the spectacular Pitlochry Dam is now open. The beautiful new centre showcases the rich history of hydroelectricity in the north of Scotland and how it transformed lives, as well as the fish ladder, which allows salmon to travel upstream during the breeding season. Surrounded by the pretty, natural landscape of Perthshire, Pitlochry Dam offers a unique day out and is accessible for mobility scooter users with a lift in the visitor centre.

Image Credit: Ian Kingsnorth

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