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Month: June 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Man boosts mobility scooter to travel 60 miles per hour

Motorway mobility scooter

A mechanic in Cornwall has “souped up” his mobility scooter to make it travel at up to 60 miles per hour.

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Changes to waste collection may affect disabled and elderly in Shropshire dwelling

Bin collection

Residents in Shropshire are unhappy with changes to waste collection which mean residents will now need to carry their rubbish 50 yards to a designated collection point.

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What happens when you change the disabled icon?

Disabled icon

When anybody mentions the disabled icon, we all conjure up the recognisable white and blue symbol.

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Slow progress in high street accessibility

Mobility scooter access high street

Progress in developing high streets to be more accessible for disabled visitors is slow, according to a recent survey by Disabled Go.

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New signs appearing on disabled toilets

Disabled icon

New signs are appearing on disabled toilets across the UK in a bid to recognise and increase awareness of people with invisible illnesses, as well as those with mobility issues.

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Hospitals axe free parking for disabled visitors to raise funds

Disabled parking

Some UK hospitals have scrapped free parking for disabled drivers to make ends meet, according to a recent report in The Mirror.

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Eurostar charged disabled passenger extra for wheelchair

Disabled passenger train

A disabled passenger who booked a holiday to Brussels was shocked after Eurostar charged her a luggage fee for taking her wheelchair on board.

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How to stay safe in your home

Staying safe online

As we open up to digital influences, we also leave ourselves vulnerable to another avenue of attack, and though technology has many fantastic qualities, it also leaves some of the most vulnerable in our community in a position of unsafety.

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Permission granted for improving access at Essex beach

Beach mobility scooter

A campaign group in Essex is celebrating after permission was granted to improve access to a beach after a series of accidents took place on the worn pathway.

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England’s most accessible cities

York accessible city

Cities in England have so much to offer for accessible holidays. Places such as Bath, Chester and York are often the cultural hub of the surrounding regions, making them the ideal place to delve into art, history, music and food. With this handy guide from Monarch Mobility, discover England’s most accessible cities.

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