Bin collection

Residents in Shropshire are unhappy with changes to waste collection which mean residents will now need to carry their rubbish 50 yards to a designated collection point.

Elderly and disabled occupants of Mercian Court in Market Drayton were told by Shropshire Council that its new vehicles were unable to fit under the archway leading into the property.

John Robinson, whose 85-year-old mother lives in the building, told the Shropshire Star: “Whose bright idea was it to ask residents, elderly and disabled, at Mercian Court to carry their rubbish bags up to 50 yards to place them on the pavement in Cheshire Street because Veolia’s (waste management company) new bin lorries allegedly won’t fit under the archway?

“My mother is 85 and walks with sticks, so how is she and others with mobility scooters expected to move the rubbish which our council tax is paying them to do?”

According to Mr Robinson, residents have a time frame of one hour between 6am and 7am to deposit the rubbish 50 yards away. Residents are concerned this may prove difficult for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. He added: “Surely a bin man can be dropped off to place all the rubbish from the complex onto the requested pavement. This is a dangerous operation for the residents, particularly in inclement weather, and could result in lawsuits for injuries under health and safety.”

Since originally informing the residents of the new plans, Shropshire Council has said the property’s caretaker will help residents to take their rubbish to the collection point. In response to the outrage, Paul Beard, waste contracts manager with the council, said: “Residents at Mercian Court are on a bag collection for their refuse as they did not want communal bins.

“These bags are taken to a collection point – agreed with the caretaker – on the day of collection. The caretaker assists any resident with this if required.

“Before the new recycling service started last November, residents at the properties had no recycling service. They now have a full recycling collection service, which includes plastics, cans, glass, paper and cardboard.”



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