Motorway mobility scooter

A mechanic in Cornwall has “souped up” his mobility scooter to make it travel at up to 60 miles per hour.

Raye Watts added a Chinese motorbike engine into his scooter so that he could travel on the motorway, according to an article on The addition of a 110cc engine meant Watts could take his scooter on the main road, catching the attention of passing motorists. One driver offered to follow and film him, showing the speedometer for reference.

Watts told “I like building things and I’ve always wanted to do this. I was donated the mobility scooter by a charity shop and put an off-road motorcycle engine in it that was sitting in my shed. I expected 35-40mph and was very surprised when it reached 60. It was very good fun but if I’d crashed I’d probably need some help.”

The majority of models available are 4MPH mobility scooters and 8MPH mobility scooters. While Watts’ scooter project allowed him to test his model out on the road, the laws for standard mobility scooters recommend avoiding roads where possible. It especially notes that mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs must not be used on motorways. The rules vary depending on the class of the vehicle. Class 2 includes scooters with an upper speed limit of 4MPH while class 3 scooters include those with an upper speed limit of 8MPH.

A recent article in the Burton Mail revealed footage of a mobility scooter driving along Derby’s inner ring road, travelling along the A601. The incident was reported by a concerned driver and the video shows the scooter was travelling significantly slower than the cars. For more information on using your mobility scooter safely, take a look at a previous post from Monarch Mobility.

Image credit: Timo Newton-Syms

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