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Month: July 2017

Top campaigners for disability rights- what are they fighting for?

There is often much in the press about those fighting for change, whether it is launching a new app or service, or those continue to evolve systems that are already in place and adapt them with accessibility in mind.

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Retired bus driver transforms mobility scooter into mini double decker bus

Bournemouth bus

A retired bus driver has transformed his mobility scooter into a miniature double-decker bus.

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New campaign to crack down on speeding cyclists and mobility scooter users

Road sign

Newbury Town Council is launching a new campaign to crack down on speeding cyclists and mobility scooter users. The Share the Space campaign will highlight the dangers of driving vehicles or cycling too quickly around other pedestrians.

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More disabled MPs appointed in general election


Three disabled MPs were elected on June 9, bringing the total number of MPs with disabilities to five.

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Conservative MP who dismissed disabled woman on TV is promoted

Disability icon parking

A Conservative MP who dismissed a disabled woman during a live TV debate has been appointed as a government minister.

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Calls for mobility scooter users to take driving tests

Mobility scooter user

Electric scooter

A motorist from Staffordshire has called for the introduction of compulsory driving tests for mobility scooter riders. According to an article in the Burton Mail, the Department for Transport revealed that every week, mobility scooter drivers are involved in four crashes on Britain’s roads.

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Row over mobility scooter access at bus station

Vogue mobility scooter

A “bitter row” has broken out between an over-50’s group and a local council over the lack of allocated spaces for large mobility scooters at a new bus station, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

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New board game aims to highlight barriers faced by disabled people

Board game disability

A new board game has been created to highlight the obstacles faced by disabled people.

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