Board game disability

A new board game has been created to highlight the obstacles faced by disabled people.

The creators of the game ‘Removing Barriers’ wanted to design a game that helps those without disabilities to identify and understand the most common problems faced by anyone with disabilities, including mobility scooter users.

The game overview states: “By understanding and recognising the barriers faced by disabled people, players can think about changes and adjustments that we can all make to help remove these barriers.”

According to the rules, the game works best with 4-12 players divided into two teams and specifies: “a facilitator with knowledge of disability is not a requirement”. It encourages players to share their experiences as well as discuss how to deal with the issues that arise throughout the game.

Removing Barriers was created by Focus Games Ltd and Equal Equality with the intention of providing informal learning in the workplace or as part of training and workshops. An article by PosAbility Magazine summarised: “Disability issues are overlooked when organisations simply don’t realise that barriers exist. Training is vital to raise awareness and improve understanding, particularly with regards to putting theory into practice.”

Colin Findlay, direction & founder at Doncaster Inclusive Centre of Excellence, said: “It gives people the opportunity to play something that’s fun an interactive, but also sends a very important message about disability and removing barriers to participation. It gives people an opportunity to discuss and debate a number of issues that disabled people face on a regular basis.”

The Removing Barriers game has been played by over 1,000 people with very positive feedback, according to Equal Equality. It is suitable for any organisation across all sectors, including health and social care, education, transport, leisure facilities, retail, hospitality and banking.

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