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Newbury Town Council is launching a new campaign to crack down on speeding cyclists and mobility scooter users. The Share the Space campaign will highlight the dangers of driving vehicles or cycling too quickly around other pedestrians.

According to an article in Newbury Today, the local council has received multiple complaints about the number of scooters “whizzing around pedestrians” in the busy streets of Newbury. To launch the campaign, the council will issue leaflets to spread the word. The leaflets state: “Newbury town offers an easy, friendly and accessible welcome to people using mobility equipment and the town’s businesses value their custom.

“We do receive complaints that some users drive their scooters too quickly in and amongst pedestrians in the town. If you are easily overtaking pedestrians you are going too fast.”

In a bid to curb speeding in the town, the Share the Space campaign is urging mobility scooter users to select the “tortoise setting”. The leaflets also asks users not to “dart out of shop doorways, alleyways and lanes”.

The proposal was put forward as a result of a survey carried out by the council’s pedestrian experience working group. The chairman, Jo Day, said: “Occasionally mobility scooters do go too fast. I’ve nearly been mowed down by one, so we thought we would just ask everybody, mobility scooters and cyclists, to slow down a bit. Most are responsible, but like everything else there is a minority.”

Share the Space is due to launch in summer 2017 and has already received support from Newbury Business Improvement District, West Berkshire Council’s cycling officer Caroline Lane and the West Berkshire Disability Alliance.

Image credit: Jeremy Segrott

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