Bournemouth bus

A retired bus driver has transformed his mobility scooter into a miniature double-decker bus.

Keith Burbidge, 75, retired as a coach driver in 2016 but missed it so much he decided to make his own version. He found an old broken electric mobility scooter and spent six months transforming it into a double-decker bus. Keith also installed not one but two authentic bus seats, so that he and his wife Carol could enjoy the bus together.

The structure was created using metal tubing and corrugated plastic from old advertising boards, which he painted bright yellow. The lovingly crafted bus looks very real from a distance, however on closer inspection, locals may be surprised to see Keith’s miniature bus.

Keith told The Mirror: “I bought a mobility scooter at an auction with a vague idea of what I wanted to do.

“I spent about a week tinkering with the scooter and got it going again but they look so boring, I thought it would be fun to give it a redesign. I cut it in half to make it longer and used anything I could find to construct the bus – bits of an old advertising board, metal tubing – so it didn’t really cost me anything.

“I don’t take it on the road as I’m not sure of the legalities so I stick to the pavements and cross the road at pedestrian crossings.”

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Although the couple doesn’t take it out on the main road, they can be seen on the bus on the streets of their hometown in Bournemouth. It has a top speed of 5 miles per hour and can only run for 20 miles before the battery runs out.

Image credit: Aubrey Morandarte

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