Mobility scooter


Complete with 24 carat gold plating and 80,000 Swarovski crystals, the world’s most expensive mobility scooter is now on the market.

The makers admit each Easy Rider requires 300 hours of “skilled craftsmanship”, according to the Daily Star.

The luxury scooters are available to buy at John Bell & Croyden’s store in Marylebone, London, known for being a favourite of The Queen’s. The store even has a royal warrant to act as The Queen’s official pharmacist. A four-wheeled ‘glider’ shopper for £5,000 and a tree-wheeled ‘tri-walker’ shopper are also available for £8,000.

A worker at the chemist told the Daily Star that the Queen had yet to buy any of the scooters, despite the high level of workmanship. He said: “They’re mad aren’t they? We haven’t sold any yet. I’m not sure I can see the Queen buying one anyway. They’re probably a bit too showy for her.”

Although the store did not disclose the products the Royal Family like to use, the Daily Star did reveal that the award-winning chemist supplied products to the Queen Mother until her death in 2002.

The glitzy scooters have been finished with gold, Swarovski crystals and leather, with the world’s most expensive mobility scooter on the market at £45,000. For those not in need of a mobility scooter, John Bell & Croyden even sells crystal-encrusted walking canes at £1,500. Or, for something a little less pricey, the renowned store sells £22 Kent toothbrushes, made from “real bristle.”

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