Mobility scooter


A teenager from Lincolnshire shunned the usual limousine to arrive at his high school prom in a mobility scooter.

Ronan Doyle of De Aston School in Market Rasen, hired the scooter not only to make a unique and memorable entrance, but also to raise awareness of young people in need of mobility scooters.

Ronan, who has just finished his GCSEs and is going on to an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery, told the Market Rasen Mail: “It was a last-minute decision, so we had a mad-dash to pimp it up. They (mobility scooters) should be made to look better for young people who need to use them for health reasons, as they are quite dull, they need to look trendier.”

A video of the stunt has since circled social media, leading many to praise Ronan’s choice of transport, including his form tutor, Elizabeth Reynolds, who said it was “the best prom entrance”.

Ronan’s mum Julie told Lincolnshire Live: “I was very proud of my son and took great pride in seeing so many students laughing with him and enjoying their last year at school.”

Ronan added: “The students could see me, the cheers were deafening. I was waiting to drive down the slope and saw a line of lads clapping and laughing. The teachers thought it was hilarious as well. My head of year Mr Miller said in his end of term speech that it was the best entrance for a prom he’d ever seen.

“The comments and shares on social media have been phenomenal and I am still getting compliments from strangers saying what a fabulous idea it was.”

The local mobility scooter firm loved the idea, according to Ronan: “The local firm we hired it from thought it was hilarious and a great way to highlight that youngsters shouldn’t be embarrassed to use them if they have health problems.”

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