If you are just about to buy a new mobility scooter, or even a second hand one, you will want to make sure that you are covered should anything go wrong. However, ‘how to insure a mobility scooter’ is perhaps only a part of the question you may be asking,

so you will also find some good reasons why it is well worth getting insurance as well. There are many policies available and it will come as no surprise there are different levels of cover and different costs from different providers. For users taking advantage of the Motability Scheme, there are no such worries since this already includes insurance as standard. The cost of cover is unlikely to break the bank, however, the potential losses for uninsured mobility scooter users could be significant, especially if there are legal costs and/or injury to third parties.

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Do you need insurance for all types of mobility scooters?

The short, and strictly legal, answer to this question is no. At the time of writing, there is no legal requirement to insure a mobility scooter (there have been some calls for this to be changed) however, it is highly recommended. See UK government website. Despite the lack of a legal obligation, there are sound practical reasons to ensure you are covered. In terms of potential risk to you, your mobility scooter is a considerable investment, and theft is an ever-present and growing problem. Although highly unlikely, there is also a very small chance of damage by fire while charging the vehicle. Lastly, there is the possibility of damage either through vandalism or as the result of an accident. The need for third party cover is, perhaps, even greater since the potential liability, should you injure a pedestrian or damage a car, could be significant. Although 4 mph is not particularly fast, the combined weight of a mobility scooter and rider could easily top 250kg and, although accidents are statistically infrequent, they can and do occur. Lastly, if the accident is your fault, or even if someone claims it was your fault, you will want your legal fees covered.


What is covered by mobility scooter insurance?

How to insure a mobility scooter, is as much a question of deciding what level of cover you require as anything else. The types and level of cover will vary according to different policies and insurers. Just as with car insurance, you may choose to have only third-party cover or a fully comprehensive policy. It is wise to read the details outlined before going ahead with any policy. Assuming you opt for fully comprehensive cover, you can expect a repair or replacement after any accidental damage regardless of fault. Some policies will also provide a replacement vehicle while yours is out of action. Another option, offered on some plans, is a recovery service, should your mobility scooter become unusable. Theft is covered in the normal way; if your vehicle is stolen, or if parts are stolen from it, these will be covered by insurance. The likelihood of fire is very small if you are using the correct charger, but if the worst happens you would likewise be covered. In terms of third-party cover, you would be covered for any accidental damage to another vehicle, or other personal property, or for any injury you cause to pedestrians, cyclists or any other road user, due to your actions. Should a dispute arise over who is at fault, you will probably want to have legal costs covered. Check if your policy covers this and if so, on what terms.

What does Mobility scooter insurance not cover?

You would not be covered for normal wear and tear of the vehicle, if you get a small scratch or dent which has no effect on the safe working of the mobility scooter then it is unlikely you would be able to make a claim. While theft of the vehicle or parts, for example, the batteries, would be covered, you will not normally be insured against your personal belongings being stolen, such as a handbag or similar being taken from a shopping basket. Having said that, some policies, particularly if the legal cover is included, may attempt to recover these uninsured losses. Any insurance policy will only cover you for normal usage, so would not cover if anyone other than the insured user is riding the vehicle or if the vehicle is being used in a way for which it was not intended. If recovery is included in your plan it may still only apply if the vehicle is damaged. Insurance would not usually cover breakdowns, particularly if this is as a result of poor maintenance. As is always the case, it is essential to read the details of any plan before going ahead and signing, since this article can only ever give a rough overview and not cover specifics of each policy.

In considering how to insure a mobility scooter, we have discovered that while it is not a legal requirement at this time, it is highly advisable to have at least third-party insurance in case of an accident. Since the cost of cover is relatively low, while potential losses could be significant, it is worth having a fully comprehensive policy.

At this point, you will probably want to start researching potential insurance providers, and the obvious place to start is right here by contacting us at Monarch Mobility.

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