Mobility scooter overview

Monarch Mobility has a range of mobility scooters which have been specially designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of users.

Whatever your level of mobility, we can guarantee that Monarch Mobility has the right scooter for you. Here, you will find our mobility scooter overview, which will help to explain the benefits of our most popular models in more detail.

Monarch Mobility Range

If you are a frequent traveler, buying a Mobie folding mobility scooter may be the best option for you. Compact and lightweight, these scooters are perfect for those who are determined not to let limited mobility prevent them from exploring the world.

Our range of ‘classic’ 4, 6 and 8mph mobility scooters, on the other hand, are ideal for people who are most concerned about the practicalities of getting out and about with ease and in comfort. Whether you will be using yours to go to the shops or enjoy days out with the family, Monarch Mobility’s range of pavement and road-legal scooters will deliver an affordable and reliable solution for all your mobility needs.

The powerchairs available from Monarch Mobility, meanwhile, are particularly sophisticated vehicles that provide even more comfort and power than our standard mobility scooters. Perfect for anyone with profound mobility difficulties or who simply wants extra comfort, our range of powerchairs take staying mobile to the next level.

Whatever type of scooter you think may be best for you, don’t forget that you will be able to benefit from a free, no-obligation home demonstration that will ensure you know you are making the right decision. Keep reading our mobility scooter overview for more in-depth information about our extensive, high-quality range of products.

8mph mobility scooter

Commonly referred to as ‘class 3’ scooters, 8mph mobility scooters are road legal, meaning that the user has a great deal of flexibility and choice in terms of where they can go. All of Monarch Mobility’s 8mph scooters are also ideal for using in pedestrianized areas, however, as the maximum speed can generally be changed to 4mph when required.

Monarch Mobility is proud to offer a wide range of 8mph mobility scooters to suit every possible preference and budget. Whichever model you select, though, you can be assured that you will be getting a scooter that comes with essential features such as suspension, lights, and indicators as standard, meaning that it will comply with all the requirements for traveling on the road.

We have several different 8mph mobility scooters for you to choose from, all of which can be trialed – for free and with no obligation – via a home demonstration. Some of our most popular models include the Vogue, a strong and powerful scooter that you will find to be particularly robust and reliable, along with the Vision, which is notable for its amazing levels of comfort, and the Pioneer – an affordable yet practical option for those who want maximum mobility at minimum cost.

Whilst 4mph (or ‘class 2’) mobility scooters are often perfectly adequate to suit the needs of many users, there can be no denying that being able to travel on the road gives people a level of freedom that is invaluable. There is also no need to have a driving license to operate a class 3 scooter, although the Highway Code must always be adhered to.

Mobie mobility scooter

Mobie Scooter Features

Exclusively manufactured by Monarch Mobility, the Mobie is an ingenious folding mobility scooter that provides unbeatable convenience for anyone who plans to travel regularly – whether by car, train, plane or even cruise ship!

The Mobie can be assembled and then folded away in literally seconds, so any concerns you may have had about slowing down your loved ones whilst out and about will thankfully prove unfounded. Once folded up, its clever design means the Mobie can be wheeled away by its steering controls, which work just like the handle of a suitcase, and then placed discreetly away in the storage compartment of whatever vehicle you will be making your onward journey in.

A class 2 mobility scooter, the Mobie is limited to 4mph and therefore cannot travel on the road. Nevertheless, you will find this scooter offers a degree of practicality and flexibility that is hard to beat. Just some examples of the Mobie’s many great features include an adjustable tiller for improved comfort, a delta bar that allows the user to control the steering with their fingers and thumbs, and detachable armrests. Powered by a lightweight lithium battery, the Mobie also has space for a second battery so that, if the rider chooses, they can double their scooter’s range in an instant.


Monarch Mobility’s range of powerchairs offer the ultimate transport solution to all those living with mobility issues. Whatever your needs, we have a powerchair that will ensure you never have to travel in discomfort again.

Our range of powerchairs includes those designed for everything from simply getting around the house to travelling on the road and over uneven terrain. And despite their different specifications, every Monarch Mobility powerchair is easily controlled via a joystick so, whichever one you choose, you will know that you are always in complete control.

One example of the powerchairs available from Monarch Mobility is the Indi-lite, which resembles a classic wheelchair in appearance but is, of course, much more flexible and powerful. Surprisingly easy to fold away, the Indi-lite is a class 2 powerchair exclusively manufactured by Monarch, with optional extras including a walking stick holder, rear seat bag and drinks holder.

The Indi-pendence powerchair, on the other hand, offers the next step up in both comfort and performance. Also manufactured by Monarch Mobility, this powerchair has a maximum battery range of 18 miles, so can be relied upon to keep you on the move for many hours.

Finally, the P327XL – manufactured by Rascal – is the ultimate option for those seeking complete comfort and exceptional power. With an impressive battery range of 20 miles, cushioned upholstery and a maximum user weight of 32 stone, it is fair to say that the P327XL is hard to better in almost every respect.

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