If you have mobility issues of any kind – whether they are caused by a specific medical condition or simply by advancing years – investing in a rise and recline chair could be one of the best decisions you will make.

There are many reasons why owners of these innovative items are almost always delighted with their purchases, and this article will look in detail at what we think are some of the most important.

Increases comfort

Whenever we buy a chair or sofa, comfort is, of course, always one of the top priorities. This is no different when it comes to rise and recline chairs; in fact, ensuring full comfort and total relaxation is likely to be the single biggest consideration for most who are thinking about getting one for themselves.

‘Standard’ chairs, whilst fine for younger people and those who do not have mobility-related difficulties, are not designed to provide specialist support for users who have vulnerable backs, joints or other such issues that make standing up or sitting for long periods a problem.

You can expect good-quality reclining chairs – such as those available from Monarch Mobility – to be made with memory foam and pocket sprung seating, which can work wonders in terms of increasing the comfort of people living with a wide range of physical conditions.

It is hard for those who do not have mobility issues to comprehend just how frustrating it can be feeling uncomfortable whilst sitting down in your own home. After all, this is surely one situation in which everyone should be able to feel completely relaxed! Fortunately, rise and recline chairs offer a vital lifeline to anyone who is finding themselves struggling more and more with using their existing furniture.

Makes standing and sitting easier

One of the worst things about losing our ability to move freely can be the extra time, effort and even pain that typically accompanies standing and sitting. Again, rise and recline chairs can help to eliminate this problem entirely, with their sophisticated design allowing the user to – at the touch of a button – set themselves up for standing from a sitting position comfortably.

By gradually tilting forward into a position that you choose with a handheld control, your reclining chair will let you move out of your seat with minimal effort, meaning you will no longer need to put any strain on your knees, thighs or back to complete a manoeuvre that may be starting to become difficult – especially when the frequency with which it has to be done during the day is taken into account.

Similarly, sitting down is made much easier with a rise and recline chair, as the tilted seat removes the potential danger that comes with simply ‘dropping’ from what can feel like a significant height for someone who suffers from back pain or related complications.

Confidence also plays a surprisingly big part in whether a person can get in or out of their seat with relative speed and comfort, and this is another area in which rise and recline chairs excel. If you know that your chair has been specifically designed to assist you in this task, you will doubtless find that standing and sitting becomes much less daunting when you use it.

Improves circulation

As we grow older, it is inevitable that the levels of physical activity we engage in will begin to dwindle. Stiffening joints and ageing muscles can make moving around increasingly problematic, and it is perfectly natural to start feeling tired after being out and about and to want to spend more time relaxing in a comfortable chair.

The bad news is that remaining seated for extended periods of time can itself lead to health problems. Perhaps the most significant of these is the onset of poor circulation – the effects of which can range from being a minor inconvenience to contributing to the development of life-threatening medical conditions.

Once again, though, a solution to this potentially serious issue is at hand in the form of rise and recline chairs. Via the simple handheld control, you can (without any pain or effort) lift your legs to an elevated position and keep them there until you need to get up.

You may not even have realised before using the new chair that you had bad circulation. As soon as it is installed, however, you may find that all those nagging aches and pains you were living with start to get less severe, that you no longer suffer from cramp, and that any swelling in the legs and feet is reduced.

Of course, it goes without saying that elevating your legs with the help of a reclining chair is also extremely comfortable, which is as good a reason as any to put your feet up!

Relieves back pain

Whilst chronic back pain and any underlying conditions that cause it obviously cannot be cured just by using a rise and recline chair, you will be pleased to learn that these truly multifunctional pieces of furniture can provide some much-needed relief from this most irritating and uncomfortable of complaints.

There are several ways in which good-quality reclining chairs can help to temporarily alleviate back pain. Some of these include the specially selected, comfort-enhancing materials with which the chairs are covered, the fact that the backrest can be adjusted to the exact position that you find most comfortable, and the built-in massage function (available as an optional extra) that will be able to soothe you in an instant.

If you have ever suffered from back pain for any significant length of time, you will be all too aware of how frustrating and debilitating it can be. Being in almost constant discomfort can make our favourite pastimes impossible to enjoy; from eating dinner and reading a book to simply watching television, nagging back conditions can stop you looking forward to almost anything. Purchasing a rise and recline chair could give you a degree of respite from back pain that can only be described as essential.

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