Whilst living with limited mobility will always be a challenge, recent years have seen a plethora of fantastic products developed that make all aspects of life much easier than they have previously been for disabled and elderly people.

From riser recliner chairs to kettle tippers, there are all sorts of items now available that can help you navigate your way around the home and perform many different tasks and activities quickly and in comfort. Below, you will find ten of our favourites.

1) Rise and recline chairs

As we get older, standing up and sitting down can start to become a significant challenge. Being able to relax in our own home is an absolute necessity, and one sure-fire way of being able to do this is by investing in a rise and recline chair.

The specially-designed upholstery and smooth lifting/reclining technology that comes as standard with all high-quality riser recliners will allow you to get in and out of your seat with hardly any effort and will also let you sit comfortably for much longer.

2) Walk-in baths

Bathing is another activity that should always be relaxing, rather than something you dread having to do. Most standard baths, however, are not particularly suitable for those who are no longer able to move with a great deal of freedom.

Fortunately, walk-in baths are now widely available from both mainstream and specialist bathroom equipment manufacturers, ensuring that you can enter and exit the bath at ground level via an easy-to-use door. All that’s left to do is enjoy a good soak, either lying down or with the help of a built-in or auxiliary seat.

3) Artificial plants

This next choice may not seem like an obvious or essential one but picking up a few artificial plants to place throughout the home takes all the hassle and hard work out of adding a burst of colour and life to your living room, kitchen or any other space.

These days, the plants available from online shops such as Blooming Artificial look so much like the real thing that you and any of your guests really would struggle to tell the difference! Completely removing the need for watering, feeding and re-potting, high-quality artificial plants could be a simple but effective solution to your interior decorating needs.

4) Kettle tippers

Another simple pleasure that most people take for granted but which can suddenly become hard work when faced with limited mobility is enjoying a hot drink. It goes without saying that pouring tea and coffee can be dangerous for those who struggle with dexterity for whatever reason, but there are several products available that can remove any risk.

One example is a kettle tipper, which is typically made of a wire frame cradle that the kettle is placed into. The kettle is then secured with a strap and can be easily tipped forward and back as slowly or quickly as you like.

5) Anti-slip bathroom stickers

We have already discussed how walk-in baths can make getting in and out of the bath simpler, but you will also know that staying stable once you are inside can be tricky too. Falls are the single biggest cause of injury in older people, so it is important to ensure you minimise the chances of this happening to yourself or a loved one in the bathroom.

Whether you will be standing in the shower or lowering yourself to a seated position in the bath, you will feel much more secure after fitting some anti-slip sticker strips or discs to the floor. These small items are always cheap but can potentially be lifesaving.

6) Pull-down wardrobe rails

Another essential task that can be difficult if you have trouble with things like raising your arms above your head is getting dressed and undressed. However, there are a host of products on the market that can help make this process easier.

As well as items like magnetic clothes, which are perfect for people living with such conditions as Parkinson’s disease, pull-down wardrobe rails (which are operated via a handheld pole or remote control) will allow you to browse through your outfits and pick out what you want at your leisure.

7) Food preparation boards

As we grow older and gradually become less dextrous, it can be tempting to just give up when it comes to preparing healthy, high-quality dishes for ourselves and, instead, start relying on ready-made and frozen microwave meals. With the wide range of accessible kitchen products now available, though, there is no reason why you cannot carry on enjoying good food for years to come.

If you are starting to find tasks like grating cheese, slicing vegetables and peeling potatoes problematic, a brilliant solution exists in the form of food preparation boards. There are several kinds of boards that can be purchased, all with varying levels of functionality, but the most sophisticated of these let you do all the above jobs and more with the use of just one hand.

8) Stairlifts

They may be a major investment compared to most of the other products we have discussed, but there can be no denying that stairlifts are a huge help to anyone who finds it hard walking up and down the stairs.

You can feel like something of a prisoner in your own home when you start to think of the stairs as an obstacle, so removing this fear factor – and the risk of suffering a fall – would be well worth the price of a stairlift. To find out more about Monarch Mobility’s range, click here.

9) Toilet rails

Toilet rails are robust, quick to install and, given the length of time they will last, generally very affordable.

Getting on and off the toilet in safety is a basic, fundamental task, but one which can still pose problems for the less mobile; buying a toilet rail will instantly eliminate another common fall hazard.

10) Mobility scooters

Our list so far has focused on items that help you make the most out of your home, but what about when it comes to going out and about?

Our comprehensive range of products, which includes the latest Solax mobility scooters, will ensure that, no matter how limited your mobility may be, nothing needs to stop you from doing all the same activities you have been used to. From popping to the shops to visiting family and friends, every trip can be made in comfort and style in one of our safe and reliable scooters.

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