If you’re currently browsing through our range of mobility scooters and are trying to find one which is lightweight, easy to transport and simple to use, look no further than the Smarti.

Here, we will introduce you to some of the main benefits you will enjoy after purchasing this popular and versatile scooter – there are many to discuss, so let’s get started!

Travels by land, air and sea

In years gone by, one of the biggest problems for users of mobility scooters was that they often had to choose between staying at home in comfort or travelling and facing all sorts of physical and logistical difficulties. With the advent of scooters like the Smarti, however, these issues have become a thing of the past.

Any keen travellers will be delighted to know that the Smarti can be taken onto virtually all forms of transport. Whether you will be using your new scooter to go on day trips in the car, take the ferry to mainland Europe or even fly to the other side of the world, you can do it all with this fantastically compact and user-friendly model.

The Smarti’s remarkably quick dismantling process (discussed in detail below) makes it a doddle to pack away and carry your scooter with you wherever you want to go, yet it still has all the robustness and reliability you would expect to find with any Monarch Mobility product.

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Automatically folds and unfolds

There are many reasons why the Smarti will appeal to mobility scooter users of all ages, but surely its most impressive feature is its automatic folding and unfolding function. With the simple pressing of a button on a key fob, your new scooter will spring into action or fold up and be ready to carry away in no time; amazingly, this whole process takes just 12 seconds.

We cannot overestimate how important this development will be to countless scooter riders around the country who have previously had to spend much more time – sometimes several minutes – dismantling and assembling their vehicle whenever it needed to be taken out or stored away. It is safe to assume that some people will have delayed or even cancelled important engagements because they have found it too much of a hassle to prepare their scooter for use or are simply unable to and need to stay at home if their friend or a family member is not around to help them with this task.

The Smarti’s effortless remote folding ability really will come as a godsend to many. Check out our video of the Smarti in action and see for yourself just how quickly and easily it works.

Adjustable armrests, steering and speed

As you will already have gathered, this ingenious folding scooter is small, compact and generally designed to be as convenient as possible for the rider to use and transport. It will not surprise you, therefore, that almost every component of the Smarti is fully adjustable and can be positioned or modified to the setting that you find most comfortable.

Let’s focus on just three aspects of the Smarti that can be changed in seconds to complement your build or any specific requirements:

  • Armrests – Do you prefer travelling with armrests or without? With the Smarti, you no longer need to choose – this scooter’s armrests are fully adjustable, meaning they can be quickly stowed away in a vertical position (or removed altogether) if you don’t like using them or just need more space on a journey.
  • Steering – Unlike the rigid, inflexible tillers of many scooters, the Smarti’s steering column can be modified in no time at all. Both the height and angle of your scooter’s steering is completely adjustable so, however tall you are and whatever your build, you will be able to find a setting you’re comfortable with.
  • Speed – The Smarti is a Class 2 mobility scooter, which means that it cannot be driven on the road and has a maximum legal speed limit of 4 mph. However, travelling at even this modest pace can be a little fast if you are indoors or on a crowded pavement, for example; for situations like this, there is a simple button on the Smarti’s tiller that can lower your speed and then bring it back up again when needed.

Maximum user weight of 21-stone

We’ve already discussed how the Smarti is a light, versatile and easily transportable scooter. As this is the case, you may have thought that it would be unable to operate effectively – or at all – if the user were on the large side. Even in this respect, however, our scooter outperforms many others of a similar size, despite its compact nature.

The Smarti has a maximum user weight of 21-stone which, when you consider that the average weight of a UK male is around 13 stone, is rather impressive. In stark contrast to its appearance and transportability, this scooter has an incredibly robust, resilient framework and continues to perform to the same high standards and run on the same battery for up to 10 miles, whatever the user’s weight.

If you’re still sceptical about the Smarti’s weight limitations, why not book a free home demonstration and try it out for yourself? Click here for more information.

Weighs just 51.9lbs

You will have realised by now that this scooter is at the lower end of the scale in terms of its own weight, but you might still be surprised by just how light the Smarti is.

Once its lithium battery and detachable armrests are removed, this folding scooter weighs as little as 51.9lbs, which is the equivalent of just over a quarter the heaviness of the average UK male. This is a further demonstration of how easy it is to carry the Smarti a short distance into your house or car and again marks it out from many of the other mobility vehicles currently available.

If you’d like to see which other lightweight scooters we have in our range, have a browse through this page.

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