Here at Monarch Mobility, you are sure to find a mobility scooter for sale that will meet your every requirement. Whether you are looking for a road-legal vehicle or just one that you can pop down to the shops in, our extensive range really does have something for everyone.

In this guide, we will introduce you to one of our most popular products: the 8 mph Mantis. Lightweight yet robust and suitable for taking onto the road, this stylish scooter has loads of great features to recommend it – below, we discuss some of the best.

Easily foldable

Anyone who has used a high-quality mobility scooter in the past would surely agree that these devices can be invaluable for those who are unable to walk for long distances in comfort. Where many otherwise excellent scooters fall short, though, is in their bulky design, which prevents them from being transported from place to place with ease. However, choosing the Mantis will allow the user to enjoy complete freedom, wherever it is they want to go.

The Mantis has been designed with total convenience in mind; within seconds, your scooter can be split in half and folded up. And, unlike some other models on the market, it will fit comfortably into most large vehicles when dismantled – all you’ll need to do is put the back seats down, then away you go!

A quick look at our product video will show you just how simple disassembling the Mantis is, so don’t forget to press play when you have a minute or two to spare.

Up to 21-mile range

Many modern, high-tech devices – from smartphones to electric cars – are very impressive in terms of their intelligence and ability to carry out a huge range of tasks, but often leave their owners frustrated by the shortness of their battery life. Believe it or not, this issue also applies to some of the UK’s newest and most popular mobility scooters; this is another area, however, in which the Mantis excels.

The maximum range provided by the Mantis’s standard batteries is 15.5 miles, which already places it towards the top end of the battery life scale for a scooter of its size. You may feel, though, that you are likely to want to travel even longer distances on a regular basis – if this is the case, you have the option of buying two lithium batteries that will boost the maximum range of your Mantis right up to 21 miles. Compatible batteries, as well as chargers and charging docks, are available from Monarch Mobility’s shop and website (click here for more information).

Please note that, as with all mobility scooters, the exact battery life of your model will depend on several factors, including user weight, weather conditions, and the type of terrain being crossed.

Top speed of 8 mph

You may already know that the Mantis is a Class 3 mobility scooter, meaning it can legally be driven on the road. As such, you can look forward to travelling at speeds of up to eight miles per hour – the maximum that is allowed by law for ‘invalid carriages’, as these vehicles are technically classed.

Another way in which the Mantis offers a superior experience to many other scooters with similar specifications is in its ability to maintain a good speed even when climbing steep hills. This impressive feature is made possible by the scooter’s high torque motor, giving it a noticeable edge over its rivals in terms of power and strength.

We realise that driving a mobility scooter on a public highway for the first time can be a daunting experience for some. If you have not previously driven a scooter on the road, you can read our tips on how to do so safely and with confidence (along with a discussion of the basic laws governing Class 3 vehicles) in this blog.

Excellent safety features

As it is a roadgoing scooter, the Mantis is obliged to include a certain number of features specifically designed to protect its users, but you will be pleased to hear that this class-leading model really does go above and beyond when it comes to its built-in safety credentials.

The Mantis has all the safety components you would expect to find in a modern Class 3 mobility scooter, and the vehicle’s sleek, ingenious design ensures that it is always clearly visible to other road users and pedestrians, whatever the weather conditions. The hazard lights, front/rear lights and indicators on the Mantis are all prominently displayed, easily accessible and perfectly simple to operate from the main tiller, as is the horn.

In addition, this tough yet compact scooter has a maximum user weight of 21 stone, so even those at the higher end of the bodyweight scale will feel comfortable and be able to stay completely safe as they travel from place to place in the Mantis.

Supreme comfort

However impressive the battery range, top speed limit and safety features of your chosen scooter might be, this will all count for little if you feel uncomfortable as you are riding around. Once again, though, the Mantis has this side of things covered!

The Mantis’s comfort credentials go far beyond its soft, padded seat (although this is, of course, an important part of its appeal), with various extras providing a truly relaxing overall experience for the rider.

As well as its foldable armrests giving you the option of using them or not, the Mantis boasts several other – less immediately obvious – comfort-enhancing components, including all-around suspension and chunky, robust tyres. Both these features complement the model’s high torque motor, making journeys across steep and bumpy terrain that would often be difficult or even impossible for mobility scooters perfectly manageable – for the vehicle and user alike.

This may seem like a small point, but it is also worth mentioning the Mantis’s convenient rear basket, which can be easily removed and clipped back on at the owner’s discretion. A simple but essential touch, the basket will prevent you from having to store anything on your lap or in the footwell, boosting comfort and reducing the risk of losing control of the scooter.

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