The Monarch Mobility range of mobility scooters has products to suit everyone, from powerchairs designed to assist those with even the most limited movement abilities to vehicles that reach up to 8 MPH and can legally be driven on the road. When it comes to the latter category, there are few more popular – and more stylish – options than the Trident, a Class 3 scooter which both looks and rides great.

Below, you can watch a video that will introduce you to some of the Trident’s most impressive features, the best of which are discussed in more detail further down this page.

Adaptable speed control

If you haven’t used a mobility scooter before, you may think that 8 MPH (the maximum legal speed limit for this kind of vehicle) doesn’t sound very fast. However, going at this speed through a crowded pedestrian street will quickly show you why a more leisurely pace is sometimes required! Fortunately, the Trident has several intuitive features that make controlling and gauging its speed quick, easy and reliable.

Digital speedometer displays are not normally a feature of mobility scooters but, then again, the Trident isn’t a normal scooter! The onboard display not only gives you an accurate reading of how fast you’re going but also how far your vehicle has travelled in total, how much power you are using and even what the temperature is.

When it comes to controlling your speed, this is possibly easier on the Trident than any other scooter. You can speed the Trident up simply by turning a control that is built into one of its handlebars, just like you would on the kind of classic motorcycle that its appearance is redolent of.

And that’s not the only speed control tool at your fingertips, either – the Trident also has a handy switch that can limit your speed to 4 MPH or let you go up to 8 MPH; this feature is sure to prove useful when you’re travelling on the pavement as, when on the lower setting, you can be confident of never exceeding a sensible speed.

Easy-access rotating seat

It goes without saying that anyone who uses a mobility scooter cannot move about as easily as they once could or would like to – and, whilst these fantastically convenient vehicles solve the problem of not being able to walk for long distances, actually getting onto and off certain models can often become an issue itself.

With the Trident, though, access is never a problem. Unlike most scooters, which have static seats, the Trident’s chair can quickly be swivelled around into a position where it is easy for the user to climb on and disembark, with the vehicle’s foldable armrests making the process even more simple.

Even the chair itself is worthy of comment, as its high-back ‘captain’s seat’ design makes riding this mobility scooter a more comfortable experience than you may ever have thought possible, and the previously mentioned adjustable armrests give you another way of optimising your seating configuration to your own preference.

Cutting edge suspension and brakes

If you have used a mobility scooter in the past, you will know that its operation bears more similarities to that of a full-sized car than most people may realise.

For some scooter owners, the biggest problem they often face when out and about is their vehicle’s poor suspension, which means they must either endure a terribly rough ride when going over uneven terrain or just avoiding anything but flat surfaces altogether. The Trident, however, offers full rear suspension, giving the rider confidence to travel to all their favourite beauty spots and other places of interest.

The Trident’s braking system also goes far beyond what you would usually find in a mobility scooter. The model’s electromagnetic brakes offer brilliantly responsive stopping power, meaning you can slow down at a moment’s notice without having to worry about losing control. And, what’s more, the Trident’s front wheel also boasts hydraulic disk brakes, ensuring it will last for many, many miles and come to a stop smoothly on even the stoniest ground.

Anti-tilt device for extra safety

Everything about the Trident was designed with the comfort and security of the user in mind, and the anti-tilt device that is installed at the front of the scooter is yet another feature that puts this model head and shoulders above most of its contemporaries.

Probably the most striking aspect of the Trident’s appearance is its unique, three-wheeled design. At first glance, potential users may have thought that this could affect the scooter’s stability when it comes to manoeuvring around corners, particularly when approaching the 8 MPH mark. Look closer, however, and you will see the anti-tilt device, which is unobtrusive but adds another, vital layer of safety to your journey – whether you need to make sharp turns or are driving up and down slopes, the Trident will let you enjoy total peace of mind.

If you’d like to try out the Trident’s innovative anti-tilt system for yourself (and all its many other impressive features), why not book a free home demonstration today? All you need to do is give us a call on 0808 102 2218 or click here to contact us and we’ll arrange for one of our team to pay you a visit – and, don’t worry, there’s absolutely no obligation to buy.

A fully adjustable scooter

There are many things that make the Trident a particularly user-friendly scooter, but the most important is how many of its features can be adjusted to suit the individual requirements of each user and the situations they find themselves in.

An adjustable handbrake is one of the many ways in which the Trident goes beyond what is expected in terms of making life easier for users, giving those with reduced dexterity the option of choosing a lower tension setting that eliminates the need to apply a great amount of pressure to set the brake when parked on a slope.

As well as the various other adjustable features we have mentioned above – such as the speed settings and armrests – another feature you could choose to add as an extra is a Bluetooth speaker! Proof that mobility scooters have come a very long way since they were first introduced, this fantastic addition to the Trident means that your ride will become even more of a pleasure as you link up your phone or other device and play your music of choice whilst you travel.

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