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How to Garden with Mobility Problems

Gardening is one of the UK’s great hobbies. Millions of people from all over the country get great satisfaction from creating and maintaining their perfect garden, with this most therapeutic of pursuits providing even the most stressed-out individuals with the chance to spend a few hours relaxing outdoors and to enjoy seeing the fruits of their labour turn into something beautiful. Continue reading

6 Disability-friendly Products for Gamers

When most of us think of mobility aid users, we probably tend to picture older people who require the use of a wheelchair or 8mph mobility scooter because they are living with age-related conditions such as arthritis. However, anyone who was born with or developed mobility issues as a child will know there are many young adults who also depend on these products every day.

For years, playing video games has been one of the most popular pastimes in the UK, especially amongst teenagers and people in their 20s and 30s. Unfortunately, in the past, many with disabilities have found themselves unable to get involved in gaming because of the dexterity required to use most controllers and play certain games. Recently, however, efforts to improve this situation have gained momentum and there is now a wide range of specially-designed custom products available which make gaming easier and more fun for the disabled than ever before. Here, we look at six of the very best! Continue reading

A Guide to Adaptive Clothing

If you have recently had to adjust to a deterioration in your ability to move around freely, whether this is due to the onset of medical conditions such as arthritis or simply advancing years, you may find that some basic household tasks you used do in seconds are now harder to accomplish. In many cases, even dressing can become difficult – and, when this happens, the inconvenience and sheer frustration it causes is often debilitating. Continue reading

How to Create an Accessible Kitchen

Despite an ever-increasing proportion of the UK population relying on the use of wheelchairs and disability scooters to get from place to place, the number of households which have been properly adapted to cater for the needs of people with reduced mobility remains very low.

If you live somewhere that is not currently disability-friendly but are also in the fortunate position of having the resources necessary to completely redesign your living space, it is vital that you do so in a way that will be easy and, most importantly, safe to navigate. The kitchen is one of the most well-used rooms in any home, but it is also one of the most potentially hazardous; read on for some tips on how to ensure your new food preparation area is truly accessible. Continue reading

Planning an Accessible Holiday: Three Top Tips

Accessible holidays have enjoyed a great surge in popularity in recent years, with the rapidly increasing number of disabled-friendly travel, accommodation and activity providers based in the UK and abroad now allowing almost everyone to experience the joy of discovering new destinations across the world. Continue reading

The Best Airlines for Disabled Passengers

There can be no denying that, in years gone by, it could be difficult for disabled people to go on holiday and have a truly enjoyable time. A combination of bulky mobility aids, inaccessible accommodation and the inconsistent quality of disabled facilities at airports often led to wheelchair users deciding that travelling to foreign shores would be too much hassle and that it was simpler to take a ‘staycation’ or just not go away at all. Continue reading

4 of the UK’s Most Accessible Gardens

It is not until someone becomes the user of a mobility scooter or wheelchair that they can fully appreciate how complicated it can be making one’s way around many of the UK’s most popular and widely-visited attractions. Things which are simple for those who do not have mobility difficulties (such as negotiating certain surfaces or travelling uphill) can instantly make a day out unnecessarily stressful for anyone who cannot walk for long distances unaided.

Historically, exploring public gardens has presented logistical problems for people with limited mobility. Here, however, we will introduce you to four excellent examples of gardens across the UK that are notable for their wheelchair and scooter accessibility. Continue reading

The 5 Best Accessible Attractions in Manchester

With a rich industrial heritage, a history of producing supremely talented musicians and artists, and a skyline filled with impressive and varied architecture, the city of Manchester is surely one of the proudest and most culturally diverse places in the UK, if not Europe.

Today, Manchester can also claim to be among the country’s most welcoming destinations for users of both road-legal and smaller folding mobility scooters, as well as anyone else living with limited mobility or another disability. Below, you will find detailed information about some of the city’s top accessible attractions, and why you should take the time to visit at least a couple during your next trip. Continue reading

An Introduction to Orientation and Mobility

Introduction to Orientation and Motability graphic

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training is a mainly U.S.-based practice which is designed to help partially sighted and blind people independently navigate their homes, schools, workplaces and other public spaces. Continue reading

Rules For Mobility Scooter Users


You’ve read up on all the buying advice and chosen your mobility scooter. You may already have taken delivery of a new vehicle. Now you will want to make sure you are up to date with any legal requirements and know the rules and regulations that will affect you. Is there a highway code for mobility scooter users, do you need tax, MOT, insurance or a driving licence?

Continue reading

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