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How to Stay Legal on a Mobility Scooter

We all want to stay on the right side of the law, so if you are thinking of buying or leasing, or have just taken delivery of, a new mobility vehicle that should help you regain your independence, you will want to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules when using one of our lightweight mobility scooters.

The good news is that staying legal on a scooter isn’t that hard, with surprisingly few statutory obligations for you to adhere to. But, while there are many things you can do legally, there are some which are highly inadvisable and a few that you might not realise you couldn’t do. Continue reading

How to insure a mobility scooter


If you are just about to buy a new mobility scooter, or even a second hand one, you will want to make sure that you are covered should anything go wrong. However, ‘how to insure a mobility scooter’ is perhaps only a part of the question you may be asking, Continue reading

How can I keep my mobility scooter roadworthy


This article offers a few useful tips on maintaining your mobility scooter. Whether brand new or previously owned, you will want to keep it in good condition and make sure you comply with the law. The first and most important point to cover when asked

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Types of mobility scooter batteries


Whether you are buying your mobility scooter brand new or second-hand, the battery is one of the most important things to get right. Equally, if you already have your mobility scooter, you need to know how to take proper care of the battery. In this article, we aim to give a bit more detail about the different types of batteries and to help you chose the right one.

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Planning a perfect holiday for a mobility scooter user

Planning a perfect holiday for a mobility scooter user isn’t as daunting as it sounds. People often find themselves stressed with the amount of planning that goes into a holiday abroad or even at home, but when it comes to going away with your mobility scooter, you will have nothing to worry about.

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Looking after your mobility scooter in the winter

There is nothing better than being in the outdoors in the crisp air during the winter months. To make sure your mobility scooter is up and running for the special time of year, we have created a guide on how to look after your companion in the winter months.

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McDonald’s apologises after not serving mobility scooter user

A mobility scooter user has received an apology from the worldwide fast food giant McDonald’s after being refused its drive-through service.

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Can I take my mobility scooter on public transport?

When out and about on your mobility scooter, you will want complete freedom to experience the things you love in life and that’s why it is important to have knowledge of which forms of public transport you can use with your mobility scooter. We have created a simple guide below so you can explore and enjoy travelling with your scooter even more.

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App to help mobility scooter users has been launched

An interactive phone app has been launched in Cardiff to help mobility scooter users identify accessible amenities across Britain.

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Home demonstrations let you get hands on with mobility aids

Choosing the right mobility scooter or powerchair is no easy task. For many the decision-making moment only comes when they have a chance to try a range of models first-hand.

In the age of online there’s one thing that the internet can’t provide; the security and real life experience of traditional purchasing presentations. That’s why Monarch Mobility offers a full free home demonstration service to anyone thinking of getting a mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair.

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